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Open Air - Offene Zeltstadt 2010

We have all been looking forward to this event!
On August 21st we will be playing an open air concert in Bergheim.
The "Offene Zeltstadt" is a very popular German Summer camp which is a focal point for creative workshops and cultural events.
The camp takes place annually in a beautiful clearing in the woods right next to the Erft river and continually attracts hundreds of visitors.

Since AWAKE will be playing the entire concert, you can expect a comprehensive set list, in which "Metropolis Part II: Scenes From a Memory" will certainly play a large role.
So even to all of you prog rock fans who live outside the area - it will be worth the journey!
Especially since it will possible to spend the night at the camp after the concert.

And the best part is: there is no entrance fee!

For more information about overnighting, the location, and other events at the Zeltstadt, please visit

Erftrock Festival 2009 Review:

Great weather, a great atmosphere and once again a fantastic audience - everything an
open air festival needs!
Check out our photos and look forward with us to the next gig!

Special thanks to Erftrock Team e.V. and to everyone who attended.

Erftrock Open Air

On August 28th we will play our first open air concert! A new setlist can be expected.
And if the crowd is even half as amazing as it was last time, I'm sure
we won't have to worry about the weather!
We will be joining Ricky Garcia, the Metallica cover band "Nutellica" and
"Glasgarten" on stage.

For those who will travel a long way:
we don't know how long we will play yet, but we'll update the site as soon as we do.
To everyone else: We're counting on you!

You can order tickets for 9 euros by sending an e-mail, titled "Tickets", containing the number of requested tickets to

If you buy them on the day of the concert at the venue, they cost 12,50.

For more information visit

The photos from the Osterkonzert '09 are now online.
The new gallery is just one click away.
You can also visit the Media-site to have a look at all the photo- and filmgalleries.

At this point, we'd like to thank the photographers very much for the nice photos they shot during the Osterkonzert '09!

Easter concert 2009

That's how it's got to be! Great mood on the stage and in the audience,
a lot of fun for the audience and the bands, many old friends and not to forget:
a line-up that was not to be forgotten. Four bands who managed to fill the Multihalle
throughout the night... the feedback from the audience showed that the concert truly surpassed
the niveau of what one would expect from a small town concert. And we can only agree!
It was a great evening once again; on stage, behind the stage, and in front.
Congratulations to the bands and special thanks to Bühne e.V.

One still revels in the memories of our debut concert.
About two years ago, Bühne e.V. paved our way on to the stage.
This year we were privileged to present another part of DT-history on the same stage.
We certainly experienced a little nostalgia, playing at our "home base" where everything began.
Especially when the entire Metropolis 2007 crew was present.

It was remarkable that so many of the audience stayed despite the late hour.
It honored us that there were so many non-DT-fans among the crowd.
We hope you liked it and that we see you again!
The next opportunity will be on August 28th at the Erftrock festival in Bergheim;
stay tuned for more information.

See you in the Summer!

Falko, Chris, Ian, Marcel and Stephan.

Musikmesse 2009 - review

5 shows in 4 days: the event of the year for Awake!
It was a great honor to play for Electro-Voice on the Agora stage.
To mingle with so many famous musicians was indeed an extraordinary experience.
The greatest honor, however, was to play in front of such an audience!
That so many Messe visitors AND Dream Theater fans filled the Tent every day
exceeded our wildest expectations.

Many thanks to everyone who attended and to EVI Audio and Padco
for making this highlight for Awake possible.

Live on stage:
April 13th 2009, 7.00 PM
Venue: Multihalle Kaster
Tickets: 8,00€; under 20 years: 7,00€

This year we will be playing at our home-base venue again, the Multihalle in Bedburg.
Since our debut concert on Easter Monday in 2007, we have been looking forward
to play there again. This year it will be especially exciting,
because now you can decide what the set list should be like!
Check out our Repertoire and send us your three favourite songs
using the caption Osterkonzert09 in an e-Mail at:

Along with us are playing:
The Live Appointment Band, Married On A Parking Lot and Down By Contact.

For more information, stay tuned to:
Bühne Bedburg e.V.

We look forward to seeing you!

As promised, here are some new dates:

We are privileged to play at next year's Frankfurt Musikmesse for EVI Audio.
Show dates: April 1 - 4, each day at 4:30 PM on the Agora stage.

Musikmesse Frankfurt
EVI Audio

Further dates for Spring 2009 will be posted soon!

After the gig in November sadly didn't happen, we are now organising gigs for Spring 2009. As soon as we have concert dates, you will find them here.
We are also happy to tell you that we used our time-out to work on the guitar rig. If you liked the guitar sound before, you will love it now! At the same time, we have expanded our repertoire to Images and Words and Falling Into Infinity.
You can download our new promo material and repertoire as soon as the media section is updated.

So long - keep the dream alive!

Open Air:
Offene Zeltstadt


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